Colton Economic Development

CEDG Mission Statement

The mission of the Colton Economic Development Group Corporation shall be to provide economic development assistance in the the community of Colton, SD.  To promote and enhance the businesses and activities therein.  To establish and promote a community based approach, create economic opportunity, build strong neighborhoods and provide influential plans for quality growth and development.

Colton Economic Development Board

Cole Amundson – President 2023
Monte Koopman – Vice President  2023
Seth Sando – Secretary 2026
Scott Amundson – Treasurer 2023
Cory Price – Board member  2025
Chas Foster – City Council Representative  2023
Roger Burgers  – Board member  2025
Open  – Board member  2024
Open – Board member  
Open – Board member  
Open – Board member  
Open – Board member 


Q: How to become a member

A: Applications are available at City Hall or ReliaBank.

Q: When is Construction going to start on the Geraets Addition 

A: Pending, allotment of state funding which will by answered by the spring.

Q: When can I buy a lot in the Geraets Addition

A: Summer 2023

Q:What are the benefits of Growth 

A: Increase the municipal tax base

Q: Will this be resident lots in the Geraets Addition

A: Yes

Q: Do member get any financial gain

A: No